3 Bad Speech Habits That Are Ruining Your Interviews

Your resume is stellar, your recommendations are glowing, and you said all the right things during your latest interview. Why, then, didn’t you get the job? Vocal fry and other speech issues may be destroying your credibility. Detailed below are a few common vocal habits that turn off employers:

How To Use Free Time Wisely When Unemployed

One of the most damaging things you can do to yourself while out of work is to think of this time as a vacation. When people begin to think they are on vacation they will be comfortable with their unemployed state and it becomes difficult to do the necessary tasks which will lead to a… Read More »

Finding Job Leads From Home

The days of tramping around the city looking for a job, are just about gone. Today companies prefer to post their job openings online and allow people to fill out their applications this way. Most people realize they can search for a job online, however, few people know exactly where to start or how to… Read More »