4 Ways To Turn A Definite No Into A Yes

You had the interview but didn’t get the job. At least they were nice enough to call and let you know. Sometimes things can turn around, though. Here are some ideas for turning that definite no into a job after all.

1. Send a Follow-Up Note

Even after they’ve said, no, go ahead and send a handwritten follow-up note on nice stationery. In the note, mention that you’re still very keen to work at that company, and if other openings occur, you’d very much appreciate their letting you know.

2. Ask If There Was Anything You Could Have Done Differently

It’s possible that they wanted to hire you, but certain circumstances made that impossible. Maybe your salary requirement was too high, you didn’t have the necessary certifications, or you didn’t have something specific that the job required, such as your own transportation or access to high-speed Internet. If that’s the case, ask if you could tell you make arrangements to fix the problem, would they reconsider their decision.

3. Keep in Contact

Oftentimes, new hires don’t work out. It’s possible that the person they chose over you won’t work out. You might have been their second choice. Wait a month and then call or email the person who interviewed you. Say that you are just wondering how the other person is working out, and mention again that you’re still interested should they change their mind about the other person. If they have any doubts at all about the person they hired, it’s possible they’ll take you up on your offer.

4. Give Them Something

Sometimes if you go the extra mile to make an impression, it can pay off. Consider giving the company something even though they didn’t hire you. It could be a summary of some marketing ideas you came up with for them or a list of potential new clients they could pursue. This kind of initiative rarely goes unrewarded.

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