Best Part-Time Jobs For High School Students

Most people get their first job while they are in high school. This is a great opportunity to learn about the workforce and earn a little money for your first car or to save for college. Let's look at some good part-time job options for high school students.

Baby Sitting

Many families need occasional babysitting in their homes during the evenings and weekends. High school students can fill this need while also making some cash. It is a good idea to network with families that you already know. Your parents may be able to get you in touch with families that have young children and are in need of sitting. It is a good idea to have child CPR training and have a reliable phone you can use while on location.

Fast Food

Most teenagers experience their first job in the food service industry. The food service industry welcomes young employees and will give you the opportunity to learn and earn money. Foodservice offers flexible schedules which work well with classes you may already be taking. There are also opportunities to move up within food service to shift to management positions as you get older. Some food service positions also offer tip wages, which can be a great boost to your income.

Odd Jobs

High school students need work opportunities that are flexible enough to work with class schedules. Odd jobs such as lawn maintenance or handyman work can help you earn money while still keeping your schedule flexible to make time for classes and homework. There are even apps today that can help you find odd jobs around your community easily.

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