Find Out if a Company is Good to Work For

Whether you’re considering applying to a company for a job, or they’ve already offered you a position, it’s important to know if they are a good company to work for. Here’s how to do that.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews can tell a lot about whether or not a particular company is good to work for. When reading reviews, don’t just pay attention to the reviews from current or previous employees. You should also pay attention to the reviews from customers. The way in which a company deals with customers says a lot about how they deal with employees. If a company is always getting a lot of customers complaints, that doesn’t bode well for your employment prospects there.

Ask Current Employees

Another way to tell if a company is good to work for is to speak with current employees. If you know anyone who already works there, or they are friends with someone who works there, you can ask for candid information about what the day to day experience is like. This is the number one best indicator of what it would be like to work at that company.

Be the Customer

If the company is a place where you can go in and buy something, like a retail store, go ahead and walk in and be the customer. This will give you a close-up view of what it would be like to work there, the working conditions and the attitude of the employees. To make your research even more complete, try to make a return at the store, to review what their customer attitude is like during a return process.

Before accepting any job offer, it’s good practice to do some research to find out if the company will be a good employer.

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