Great Job Options for Those who Enjoy Working Outdoors

You don't need to work at a desk eight hours a day or longer in order to earn a good salary. There are plenty of outdoor jobs that allow you to stretch your legs, get plenty of exercise and still earn a good living.


Surveying involves setting official air, water and land boundaries. The job requires four years of education plus four years of experience in order to obtain a license. The mean annual wage for those in this profession comes to just under $62,000, although those who run their own surveying business tend to earn more than $75,000 per year.

Pest Management Technicians

Pest management technicians may only earn about $34,000 a year on average, but the good news is you don't have to go to college to find work in this field. As the job title implies, you will be tasked with controlling or removing unwanted pests from a particular area. Alternatively, you could become a specialized termite service technician and focus your energies on helping business and homeowners get rid of these small yet dangerous pests before they cause extensive property damage.

Environmental Scientists

You'll need a four-year degree for this job but the rewards are well worth it. The average annual salary for environmental scientists is currently about $74,000; what is more, the BLS reports that jobs in this field are growing faster than average. As an environmental scientist, your job would be to identify problems in the environment that would affect both people and animals and come up with solutions to these problems.

These are just some of the many outdoor jobs that are available for people who want to stretch their legs and work with their hands on a daily basis. If you enjoy working outdoors at least part of the time, consider these and other outdoor job options to see which outdoor job you would be best suited for.

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