The Duties of a Supervisor

People often assume that a supervisory job is fun. They see the power and the pay, and they don't really understand that supervisors have an array of job tasks that they must perform. Some of those job tasks and duties include the following.


The supervisor's primary duty is overseeing the work that his or her employees do on a daily basis. The supervisor must ensure that the workers have high-quality standards as well as speed and efficiency. 


Supervisors are often responsible for training the employees at the jobs they're going to perform. That means that the supervisor has to be knowledgeable in his or her job and articulate enough to explain the duties. He or she also has to have patience because not everyone learns at the same pace. 


Supervisors sometimes have to make schedules. They have to make sure that each shift is covered, and someone is there if there is a callout. The supervisor needs to make sure that he or she stays within the allotted hours and has the store full of staff members at the same time. 


Inventory is one of those yearly tasks that all supervisors have to involve themselves in. They might be responsible for cleaning and rearranging the products on the shelf. They may also be responsible for the actual inventory counts. 


Supervisors also have to look at sales and performance reports and come up with strategies that can work to make them better. Every job has goals that the company wants to meet. A key supervisor can motivate his or her team to work hard enough to meet those goals. 


Disciplining the employees is probably the supervisor's least favorite task. He or she must ensure that all workers follow the company's policies and perform at their best. They must be neutral and write people up if they break policies and rules. 

Supervisors have many more duties to perform than just the ones we mentioned. You might be the right fit for a position if those tasks sound like the right fit for you.

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