The New Normal for Job Seekers in 2020

If you are feeling unsure about, well pretty much everything this year, you are not alone. One huge arena of uncertainty is most definitely the job market. If you are a job seeker in 2020, chances are you are trying to get a grip on the new normal. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for a job this year.

Expect More Remote Opportunities

Depending on your view of remote work this could be great or it could be a hassle. Regardless of how you feel about remote work, you are going to see more and more jobs falling under this category. If you are serious about landing a new job, you will need to get on the remote work wagon at least for a while. If this is something you would have never considered in the past, it might be time to rethink.

Virtual Hiring Process

The hiring process has been moving toward a more virtual platform for years, but right now you can likely aspect all aspects of the hiring process to be virtual including the interview. If you are unfamiliar with the technology being used to execute this new hiring process, get familiar. There is little chance of companies changing any time soon.

Tough Competition

With so many people out of work, there is a big upswing in people changing careers and applying to jobs they never would have in the past. This creates a tough competition in certain fields. Get ready to bring your A game to any job application. Everyone is feeling a little desperate so in order to stand out you can't afford to get lazy. Polish up your skills. Invest in your education and skills training. Get those certifications you have been procrastinating on.

2020 is tough all round. Job seekers need to be tougher. Keep the "new normal" in mind when job hunting this year.

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