Tips For Added Comfort at Your Office Desk

For the amount of time that you spend at work, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. Since you’re using the company’s office space, you may think you’re stuck with what you get. But here are some tips for added comfort.

Use a Desktop Fan

One of the most common problems in most offices is the temperature. It’s either too hot or too cold, and you have no control over the thermostat because management has placed a locked cover over it. To keep your cool, use a desktop fan at your desk. In winter, use a mini heater at your feet.

Bring Your Own Chair

There’s no law that you have to use the worn out office chair you inherited from the person who used to have your job. Buy yourself an ergonomic chair and bring that in to use at your desk. If you tell your boss you were having back issues, they might even reimburse you for the new chair.

Make a Standup Desk

It’s not good to work sitting down for eight hours a day. Build a makeshift standup desk at your regular desk. You can do this by investing in a desktop lectern. Just place it on the end of your desk and work standing up when back fatigue strikes.

Use a Foot Rest

It’s surprising how much comfort a foot rest can add to your office work environment. You can buy soft foot rests online, or simply place your feet up on an old unused box under your desk.

Make it Colorful

The bland beige tones of a typical office are enough to make anyone bored and drowsy. Add pops of color to your desk with fresh flowers, plants, and brightly-colored desk accessories.

These tips will change the way you feel at work, and they might even make you more productive. Over time, you might even notice that your colleagues start following your example!

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