Tips For Becoming A Lyft Driver

Whether as a part-time gig or even a full-time job, Lyft can be a great source of income. You only need a clean background and your own vehicle to get started, which makes it very enticing to many people.

To maximize your income potential, check out these handy tips for being the best Lyft driver you can be.

Make your car spotless

Countless passengers are going to sit in your front and back seats throughout the day. Your car should be completely clean. That may mean stopping throughout the day to remove debris accumulated by passengers.

Ask for reviews

Some customers will get to their destination and forget all about you, which you don’t want. The more positive reviews you have, the more comfortable customers will feel riding with you, so always ask your customers to give you a review.

Review your customers, too

Yes, you can also review your customers. While many customers won’t cause you any trouble, ratings let you note your favorite customers and hopefully avoid unruly ones in the future.

Throw in some bonuses

Whether these are cold beverages, snacks, or even in-car entertainment, customers won’t forget Lyft drivers that take especially good care of them. This will also ensure positive reviews.

Get out as much as you can

This may seem self-explanatory, but the more you drive, the more money you make. If you already have a full-time job, that means making time on nights and weekends to drive. If Lyft is your job, that means treating it like a job, working longer shifts.

Be friendly and helpful

Welcome your customers from the moment they get in the car. Ask them which music they’d like to listen to. If you have refreshments, offer these. Enjoy some light small talk, but respect customers that want to be left in silence.

By following these tips, you should experience success as a Lyft driver.

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