What to Say to Get a Job Back After You've Resigned

It's not a bad thing to resign from a job if you no longer want to work there. However, one day you may want to come back to that job. That's why it's important to part ways with the employer in a respectable manner. Here are three things you can do if you ever want to return to a place of employment from which you have resigned.

Check for Job Listings

The first thing you'll want to do is ensure that there is a job available to you. You have a better chance of getting approval from your former supervisors if there's an open listing. In that case, your former employer may be eager to fill the spot and might consider you for reassignment.

Apologize for any Wrongdoings

You might want to apologize for anything that the employer may have perceived as wrong. Voicing your apology will let the employer know that you understand their culture and are willing to change to fit it. It will also show that you can be a humble person. Employers love to see a sense of humility in someone who parted from their establishment.

Show Them What You Have to Offer

You can also show them what you have to offer. Let them know what you now bring to the table and how you can be an even bigger asset to the company than you were before. Show them reports that prove that you increased the sales at another business during your time away. Give them a 90-day plan of how you intend to make their lives and their operations better in some way. They might give you another chance based on that potential.

There's usually a good chance of getting an old job back if you depart from it with integrity and grace. It won't hurt to try. 

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