Will COVID-19 Affect the Job Market?

As a world, we have been dealing with COVID-19 for a week or so, although parts of Asia have been dealing with it longer. It has become pretty apparent that this pandemic is going to affect everything. Specifically, though, how can we expect the health crisis to affect the job market?

More Work At Home Options in the Future

Employers are sending employees home in droves. For the fortunate, they are being given work-at-home options that were never on the table before. This is both refreshing and annoying. Many employees are discovering that after being told they did not have work at home options, they in fact do. Looking forward, though, this is good news for individuals who will be seeking work at home options in the near future. Experts are predicting that many employers will be turned on to work at home options after their experiences during COVID-19. 

Good News for Grocery Retail

If you are looking for a part-time or full-time grocery retail job, now is the time to apply. Grocery retailers are under a huge supply strain right now and need workers. This sudden need for additional staff will speed up and simplify the hiring process. 

Hiring May Slow

If you are currently looking for a job, you can likely expect a slow down in hiring. Employers are trying to figure out ways to keep business running with a skeleton staff and unusually pressures. Hiring new employees could be put on a back burner for a while. You may see a slow down in potential employers contacting you for interviews or responding to your application. Use this time to polish up your resume, or look into side gig options preferably from home. 

These are definitely uncertain times. Rather than fretting, use this information and your own research to use this time wisely and make smart choices for your job search during COVID. 

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